Cruise Routes


Downriver Cruises . . .
Departing from Volunteer Landing Marina648, our downriver cruises head westward past Calhoun’s Restaurant, meandering through several historic bridges past the VOL Navy docks, Neyland Stadium647, and the “Sunsphere” – Knoxville’s enduring legacy of the 1982 World’s Fair.   Next, we peacefully float past the famous UT Forensic “Body Farm”, gorgeous UT Gardens and impressive College of Veterinary Medicine646.

Longer cruises ebb around Looney Island643 (home to an active breeding colony of Great Blue Herron) to provide breathtaking views of the Sequoyah Hills Community where stunning landscapes and multimillion-dollar homes can be seen perched high upon the cliffs.  Extended voyages continue past Sequoyah Park642, Cherokee Country Club641, Lakeshore Park,  and Skyranch Airport636 toward Duncan’s Boat Dock635  – the oldest family owned marina in our area (since 1944).

Upriver Cruises . . .
Departing from Volunteer Landing Marina648, our upriver cruises head eastward under the South Knoxville bridge on a course that drifts past the Island Home Community649, Downtown Island Airport650, Otter Island651 and the Ijams Nature Center Boardwalk to the exact location where the Holston and French Broad Rivers unite to form the 652-mile long Tennessee River652.

Game Day Cruises . . .
Departing from Volunteer Landing Marina648 or the Vol Navy Docks, our Game Day Cruises provide an excellent opportunity to experience a panoramic view from the river of our downtown and the vibrant game day atmosphere at Volunteer Landing, including the VOL Navy and Neyland Stadium.

xx blue numbers indicate river mile markers