Here is some good information based on frequently answered questions:

  1. Securing Your Reservation . . . SUNSET CRUISES:  Reservations are secured by payment of at least ONE HALF the total Rental Fee at the time the reservation is made.  The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival. OVERNIGHT STAYS and CRUISE & SNOOZE:  Reservations are secured only after a signed Rental Agreement has been received and at least ONE HALF of the total Rental Fee for the Rental Period has been paid. The remaining balance must be paid upon arrival.  FOOTBALL SAILGATING:  Reservations are secured only after a signed Rental Agreement has been received and at least ONE HALF of the total Rental Fee for the Rental Period has been paid. The remaining balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to arrival.   If the Renter arrives late (or not at all) for any reason, the Rental Fee will NOT be reduced and any previously paid rent will NOT be refunded.
  2. Lead Time . . . SUNSET CRUISESOVERNIGHT STAYS and CRUISE & SNOOZE: Guests interested in booking an overnight stay OR Cruise & Snooze™ combination are encouraged to do so at least one week in advance.  FOOTBALL SAILGATING: Guests interested in booking a Football Sailgating™ package are advised to do so well in advance (several months) of the football season.  Many guests actually secure the vessel a full year in advance.
  3. Cancellation Policy . . . SUNSET CRUISES:  If a cruise must be canceled due to exceptional inclement weather or any mechanical reason, a full refund will be provided.  If a cruise is canceled by the guest for any reason, a $30 Cancellation Fee will be charged and any remainder of paid fees will be refunded.  OVERNIGHT STAYS, CRUISE & SNOOZE, and FOOTBALL SAILGATING:  Once a reservation has been secured with a nonrefundable payment, the vessel will not be offered to anyone else for the reserved period.  If for any reason the reservation must be cancelled by the guest, any prepaid rent payments will NOT be returned unless the vessel is able to be reserved for another guest.  As a practical matter, “backup” waiting lists are NOT maintained.  So, if a cancellation is necessary (especially close to the arrival date) it should NOT be assumed that payment will be returned.
  4. Payment Options . . . Payment may be made using a check, credit card or PayPal. If a check is used, please make it payable to: Tennessee Boat Rest | P.O. Box 2331 | Knoxville, TN 37901. If a credit card or PayPal is used,  3% will be added to cover the service charge.
  5. Damage Deposit . . .  Upon arrival, a damage deposit may be required for overnight stays, especially on football weekends. Assuming there is no property damage or special cleaning required following the stay, the full deposit will be returned.
  6. Parking . . . SUNSET CRUISES, OVERNIGHT STAYS and CRUISE & SNOOZE: Guests who have reserved the Queen Priscilla on occasions other than football weekends may park in the lot shared by Volunteer Landing Marina and Ruth’s Chris Steak House located at 950 Volunteer Landing Lane.  Guests may only park in the spaces designated for the marina.  These are located at the upper end of the parking lot – beyond the overhead bridge.  Failure to park in these spaces will likely result in your vehicle being towed.  A special parking permit must be displayed on the dashboard in the driver’s side window.   FOOTBALL SAILGATINGThe marina parking spaces located at the upper end of the parking lot are NOT available to Guests for parking on football weekends.    The best option on football weekends is paid permit parking at John H. Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning located nearby at 814 State Street.  Upon arrival, guests may drop their gear at the marina, park their car in the Coleman parking lot, and take a leisurely stroll back to the marina.  As a special consideration, your Host can assist you in obtaining Prepaid Parking Passes ($10) but they must be purchased before Thursday during the week of the game.  To do so, full payment and the names of the people who will be parking their cars must be provided to the Host.  Printed parking passes will be issued upon arrival.  NO REFUNDS will be provided if parking passes are not used.
  7. Check In/Check Out . . .  SUNSET CRUISES:  Cruise passengers should arrive 15 minutes before planned prompt departure time.  Waiting for late arrivals may cause the the cruise to be shorter than planned.  OVERNIGHT STAYS, CRUISE & SNOOZE, and FOOTBALL SAILGATING:  Guests may check in by appointment after 5 pm on the day of arrival and must check out before noon on the day of departure. If necessary, these times may be adjusted with prior approval. After a reservation is secured, guests will be provided a phone number to call prior to arrival to ensure efficient check in and check out.  Guests should confirm their expected time of arrival by telephone at least 3 hours before they arrive.
  8. Your Host . . .  Upon arrival, your Host will provide assistance in delivering gear to the boat.  He will also conduct a thorough orientation and safety briefing.  Your Host will remain available at the marina throughout your stay to handle any other concerns you may have, including recommendations for recreation, dining & entertainment.
  9. Courtesy . . .  Passengers aboard the Queen Priscilla will be expected to abide by all marina rules and regulations, especially those that pertain to safety and personal conduct.  The marina is the residence for a large community of people who welcome guests as long as they are courteous and do not interfere with their peaceful ambiance.
  10. NO Swimming . . . Absolutely NO SWIMMING, diving, or floating near the boat or ANYWHERE else at the marina is permitted.
  11. Vessel Capacity . . . For safety considerations, the maximum number of six (6) passengers aboard the Queen Priscilla at any time (day or night) will be strictly enforced.
  12. Sleeping Berths . . .  The Queen Priscilla features three (3) staterooms; one with a queen size berth and two with double berths.  Pillows and linens are provided, though some guests prefer to bring their favorite pillows.
  13. Cooking . . . Guests are welcome to use cooking equipment provided on the boat.  If the gas grill is used, it must be operated safely by an adult and must be cleaned afterward.  There is also an enormous number of dining options within walking distance of the marina.  A selection of some of these establishments is listed under the “Dock & Dine” tab at our web site.
  14. Docking at the VOL Navy . . .  The Queen Priscilla is available for accommodations on football weekends by reserving our Football Sailgating™ package, but the vessel must remain docked at Volunteer Landing Marina – just a short walking distance from the VOL Navy Docks, (adjacent to Neyland Stadium).   Weather permitting, a complimentary Game Day Cruise is offered with the Football Sailgating™ package.  If requested, it is possible to drop passengers off at the VOL Navy docks after the cruise, but the vessel will be returned to the marina.
  15. What to Bring . . . Whether you are planning to stay aboard the Queen Priscilla or you are joining us for a relaxing cruise, a CHECKLIST is provided under the “Amenities” tab at this web site to help you know what to expect and what you may want to consider bringing. Items provided aboard the vessel are indicated with a check mark (√). Occasional exceptions may occur. Suggested items to consider bringing are indicated with an open bullet symbol (o).